Hike 38 – Crane Creek Regional Park

So this wasn’t particularly on my List of Capital H Hikes, but location wise it fit in my day, and at this point in the year I’m not going to be too choosy. Well and I did get a Sonoma County Parks pass this year, so there’s the using that and seeing more of those parks thing. Which! Apparently you can borrow a pass from the library!!! How cool is that?!

Anyway, I’ve ridden or driven by a few times, but the one time I’ve been in the park was with an art class I was taking at the JC, which was a long time ago. The park is just east of Sonoma State University, but in my time going to SSU I never went there. Anyway, I think one of the reasons the art class went was for the oaks, or at least that’s my recollection. Which, are quite splendid! And this year FULL of acorns.

The other things I noticed on this visit were lots of ground squirrels (oh, correlation with acorns?), the disc golf course, several memorial benches to people who died sadly young – not even twenty, and evidence of cows but no cows. There was also a bit of a view west and north over the Santa Rosa plain. I didn’t quite figure out a route that covered all the trails, but got pretty close!

As I was getting back to the parking lot I was not quite to 3 miles, which is sorta my minimum distance, and I briefly debated about making a lap of the lot, but fortunately the distance ticked over as I was getting to the vehicle. Whew. It was definitely dry, but the pictures look really drought-y. It would be nice to see in the spring with green hillsides and wildflowers…

all the pictures

10/4/2021, 3.0 miles

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