Hike 26: Spring Lake Circumnavigation from Home

So I am giving up on these being in any sort of order… ah well, maybe “letting go” is a better way to put it. Whatever. I’m not sure what hangs me up about writing up some of these more than others – I know part of me does feel like they should go in chronological order, but maybe with that out of the way I’ll get back to it. Both the writing and the doing – one thing and another sorta hit a lull.

Anyway, this was an “I don’t feel like driving anywhere” excursion, so I left from my house and went over and circumnavigated Spring Lake. So it was sidewalk, and mostly paved path, but there was a bit of dirt path, and it turned out to be 8.1 miles! So I’m totally counting it. And oh wait, I’m making the rules for what counts as a hike for this anyway. So there!

On the way there I saw some tree stump art, which was fun, and a nice patch of sunflowers. There were more people fishing along the lake shore than I think I’ve ever seen, but it may have been the time of day, or the fact that I was on foot and paying a bit more attention. The lake is a bit down – I could see the legs on the boat launch dock, which I don’t think I ever have before. On the way back I foraged a few apples. A fine adventure!

7/25/21, 8.1 miles

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