Hike 20: Howarth Park

This was a filler/catch-up one, I guess you could say – I felt like I was sorta falling off the pace of at least one a week, but didn’t have the time or inclination for a Destination hike. Fortunately Howarth Park, a Santa Rosa city park, allowed for a hike that felt like a hike, but was manageable time-wise and not far away.

I did a circumnavigation of Lake Ralphine, which included some wide, almost fire road sort of trail, as well as narrow single track path. Some of the route was new to me, which is always fun, and sorta surprising, considering how long I’ve been in Santa Rosa. But yeah, the not going on foot so much does bias what I see. Another pleasant experience was how nature-y most of it felt, despite the closeness of the busy roads of town.

A little girl – maybe 3ish? – and her father were also circumnavigating the lake, but the opposite direction, and it was cool to see them on either side. I also saw some goslings, and a duckling ball on the boat ramp, to complete the cute overload.

more pictures

5/15/21, 3.8 miles

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