Hike 21: Weaver Lake

I had seen a Forest Service marker on a side road just before we got up to Weaver Lake, (the one in Nevada County), where we were camping for a couple nights. After dinner the first evening, we did go out for a little stroll, but did not make it to the one I had seen. We did see another one, which I hadn’t noticed on the way up (we were walking the opposite direction) right near the lake, but ended up not investigating it since it was a bit overgrown.

As we walked downhill, I was just starting to think I’d imagined the marker when we got to it. Funny how distance seems different on foot compared to on bicycle. It started out very much road like, then there was a log that would block the way for vehicles to pass, so it started to get overgrown. Still obviously a direction to follow, but pretty unused. And after a bit it petered out.

Eric had looked at the map for the area, and knew there were some small lakes (ponds? when does one become the other?) just over that-a-way. So we followed a stream bed that seemed like it might go that direction. There was some water in a few spots, and we did get up to a spot with a bit of a view, and a neat shale outcropping. No small lakes or ponds, but we’d had about half as much fun as we wanted, so headed back.

We retraced our path down the stream, and part way down the road, then did a bit more bushwhacking to get to the overgrown track that would take us back to right near the lake. Which, for much of it wasn’t actually quite so overgrown as it seemed at the lake end, although it would have been a bit of a squeeze for most vehicles. On foot it was not a problem to get through. And it was nice not to have to go back downhill and up again that we would have had with a full retrace, plus we got to see a bit of new territory.

The track came in at just over two miles, which maybe is a little short to call a hike… But hey, I’m making the rules! And this hike had the bushwhacking, plus we were at about 5700 feet elevation, which both count for some bonus points in my book. And yes, it’s totally out of order, but I finished the write up so I figured I may as well post it.

more pictures

6/2/2021, 2.2 miles

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