Hike 09: Annadel – Spring Creek, Live Oak, Orchard

This hike was back to my usual stomping grounds – Annadel! Through Spring Lake Park, and up Spring Creek Trail to Lake Ilsanjo. The morning sun sparkling through the trees was just splendid, and there were some surprising puddles. From the Lake I looped back around on Live Oak and Cobblestone Trails.

There were some different wildflowers in bloom from what I had seen on the last couple of hikes, and some brand new green growth in the burned areas. In one of the meadow areas I saw movement – two animals running toward each other, then running together back to a third. I didn’t have binoculars, but they looked canine. Perhaps two pups and a mother? Later I heard vocalizations that sounded coyote-ish. Yay the natures!

a few more pictures

3/6/2021, 8.4 miles

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