Hike 07: China Camp

This was an after work jaunt in Marin, starting from behind Dominican College. I kinda think of it as China Camp, although that park may actually only be on the east side of the ridge, but it schmears into some other park/open space that I’m not sure what the name(s) is/are.

Anyway, I started out up the fire road, but soon was intruiged by a trail that looked to also head toward the ridge. Probably not official, but quite well established. It wound around a bit and popped out at a somewhat abandoned looking antenna facility. My original plan had been to head northish on the ridge and make my way down the next knuckle coming off the ridge, but I ended up going the other direction, first on a fire road I’d not been on before, and then into a network of what are probably “social” trails. In spots they were quite narrow and steep – I was having a hard time imagining riding bikes on them, but I’m guessing people do. Fortunately I didn’t encounter any riders, as it could have been problematic to avoid occupying the same space.

So, the high alert made for some bonus excitement, along with the steepness, and not being entirely certain where I was – although the Google Maps did show the trails I was on. But, since it was pretty much all new to me I wasn’t exactly sure what the distance would be, well and the elevation of it took some time, so I was close to getting full darked on by the time I was back to my vehicle.

However, it was fun seeing new to me trails, and there were some wild flowers blooming, and then a flock of birds (maybe parrots? I’m not exactly sure why I say that, I didn’t actually see them, but they sounded possibly parrot-y) with settling down for the evening chortling as I passed through the last bit of trees before the parking lot. And, when I looked at the elevation profile for the hike, it was a capital M! How fun is that?!

more pictures

2/19/2021, 5.3 miles

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