Hike 05: Annadel – Cobblestone, Orchard

Whoops! I thought I’d written this one up, so went on and wrote up number 6, but see what happens when I rely on my memory and don’t check the notes… Anyway, yes, number 5 did happen, and here’s the report!

It was another Spring Lake-Annadel adventure. Going there is easy, and although it’s not really New To Me, I still haven’t covered everything in The Park on foot. I did mostly the usual way through Spring Lake from Summerfield Road, but then hooked around the swimming lagoon to check out the Nature Trail and head up to Annadel from there. I came out at a trail junction I’d seen when riding my bike in from Violetti Road – OH! that’s where that goes!!! Fun to fill in a bit of the map.

In Annadel I looped through the section that had been closed due to the Glass Fire – Cobblestone and Orchard Trails. There was visible impact, but also signs of regrowth. Rock piles from a former quarry were quite visible – although that also might have been due to the slower pace of being on foot.

It was another lovely, quiet morning!

more pictures

2/6/2021, 8.1 miles

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