Hike 06: Cabin in the snow!

For these hikes, I was back up in the woods with Eric. And there was SNOW!!! So neither of them was super long, but with the snow bonus and combining them, I’m going to count it as a Hike. (Who’s making the rules here, anyway?!)

The first one was directly from the cabin, so mostly in unbroken snow (OK, OK, I was mostly following Eric) – so we were on snowshoes. Which, it’s just like walking, right?! So why was I getting a little winded? Well yeah, there’s some extra work to move the snowshoes, and get in and out if you squish down in the snow. And oh yeah a bit of altitude too.

The thing I noticed most was the noise. I’m used to walking being pretty quiet, and I was thinking it would be a nice peaceful walk through the snow covered stillness, but … not so much. Anyway, we rambled around the neighborhood – it was nice to be out, and the woods in the snow were quite lovely.

The second half was down on Graniteville and Moores Flat Roads. After some fresh snow had fallen Eric drove the road to keep his tracks passable. There were other vehicle tracks on the other roads, so we just walked in them, sans snowshoes, first down to the spring on Graniteville Road, and then until we felt like it was time to turn around on Moores Flat Road. We weren’t dealing with the resistance and noise of snowshoeing, which I had a new appreciation for, and we had the roads to ourselves, so it was quite pleasant.

2/12 and 2/14/2021 ~3 miles total


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