Hike 01

The objective for this hike was to check out Steve’s S Trail, which is I think the sole hiking only trail in Trione-Annadel State Park. As such, in all the time I’ve lived in Sonoma County and been in The Park, I’d never been on it. My go to mode is mountain biking, and the few times I’d been hiking had mostly kept to the western edge.

I got an early start, catching a waning crescent moon in the dawn sky. I passed through slivers of Howarth (Santa Rosa City) and Spring Lake (Sonoma County) Parks on my way to Annadel. The boat launch poked a frosted finger into the mists rising off of Spring Lake.

I went up Rough Go trail, which I tend to avoid on the bike, due to its chunkiness. Especially in the up direction it’s not so much fun. Much more manageable on foot, and nice to see a bit of The Park I don’t usually.

Eventually I ended up at Lake Ilsanjo, having not encountered anyone else since I’d entered Annadel. That was pretty sweet. It was still frosty! I enjoyed a snack stop, and headed over to Steve’s S trail.

The trail turned out to be a mostly narrow ribbon that wended its way through lovely conifer forest. Much of the way underfoot was that springy thick carpet of needles that is so pleasant to walk on. Unmarked by cycle tracks. Which I sort of hated to notice and comment on.

It came out on Richardson fire road, which I followed down to the parking lot – alas, I was not parked there. I was kind ready to be done, but still needed to get back to my vehicle.

I hadn’t actually set out a route before hand, so just went what seemed like would be the shortest/easiest way back on the paved road, and then mostly retracing my steps through Spring Lake and Howarth Parks. Whoops, I’d ended up going 10.8 miles. No wonder I’d been ready to be done!

Anyway, it was a beautiful day, and great to experience some new to me trails! And see The Park in a different way.

1/9/2021, 10.8 miles

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