The Great Conjunction 2020

Not only is today the Winter Solstice – which I can see celebrating, since now the daylight will be increasing – woohoo! – unlike the Summer Solstice, which, yeah cool, longest day – but duh yeah then they’ll just be getting shorter. But I digress. The but also for that not only is the Great Conjunction! That is, Jupiter and Saturn will “have the same right ascension or celestial longitude” er… appear close together in the sky, as viewed from Earth. Or as portrayed by a Google Doodle.

Although tonight is the closest they will appear, of course they’ve been approaching each other over the year. It’s been really cool to watch the distance close over the past few weeks. The other evening after not looking for a night or two then WOW! they really ARE closer!!! It’s so neat to actually SEE things I’ve read or heard about.

And I’ve just been stepping out on the back stoop and looking over the neighbor’s house to see this phenomenon. In town light pollution and all, and I can STILL see it. A wonderful reminder of what a fantastic and amazing world we live in, and how, even under less than ideal conditions, you can observe and enjoy it.

Additional Fun Facts

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