Eiffel Tower

When I go somewhere, particularly if it’s somewhere I’ve never been before and/or somewhere I might not get back to, I feel like I have to DOALLTHETHINGS and SEEEVERYTHING!!! Which sometimes works out, and sometimes makes for a blur and getting back feeling like I need a vacation from the vacation. Anyway, maybe I’m actually learning from my experiences (imagine that!) – for our two and a half weeks in France last August, besides the little bike ride we were going to do, I only put two things on the schedule!

One of those things, was – of course – la Tour Eiffel! Yeah, it’s super touristy, but I’d never been to France before, so how could I not?! Although there had been a bit of mixup in picking up our rental car for the rest of our adventure, we managed to sort that out with plenty of time to walk around Paris a bit before our reserved time for going up the Tower. We were both a bit under the weather from something we’d picked up either on the airplane over or on the ride, which wasn’t ideal for touristing, but fortunately wasn’t incapacitating.

Even after having seen countless photos of the Tower, there really was something special about seeing it in person. Surrounded by Paris, we got a variety of views as we approached. Standing underneath gave me a visceral sense of the scale. There was something simultaneously massive and delicate about the structure.

After getting through security we had a bit of a wait until our elevator time, but the lines were well managed and pretty efficient for the number of people they are getting through the bottleneck of the elevators. I had splurged on summit access tickets, so we had a second elevator ride up to the highest point open to the public of 906 feet (276 meters). We made our circuit of the deck, taking in the views – looking in particular in the direction we had ridden.

Once we had our fill there, we took the elevator back down to the second floor at 377 feet (115 meters). We did the view circuit there as well, and then, rather than waiting for the elevator, we took the stairs down! There were a few other folks on the stairs, including some going up!

Although we didn’t stay for the sunset, the early evening sun was lovely, and the views were amazing. Of course we didn’t have it to ourselves, but the peopling was worth it. I don’t know that I need to go again, but I am glad that I went.

more pictures and some ephemera

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    Lovely pictures 👌

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