funny/not funny

Way back in February and March, the Studio Printers of North Bay Letterpress Arts had a wonderful (if I do say so myself) show at the Sebastopol Public Library. It was supposed to end mid-March, but, as the poster says, “the world closed instead” … oh. funny/not funny

Lyn, who had organized the show, sent us all an email, since it finally came down last week – that our pieces were back at the shop for us. I responded to thank her for everything she’d done for the show, and my reaction to the poster. And she got back to me with –

yeah, funny/not funny is an interesting space to inhabit.

Which, as I thought about it more, it seems like a lot of the space is in that funny/not funny zone these days. Part of it might be that “if I don’t laugh, I might cry” thing. Or maybe I’m just more aware of the funny/not funny – treading the not so fine line of the ridiculous and sublime – like being so aware of the uncertainty of the future thing. I mean at some level I’ve always known there’s really no guarantees, or saying what’s to come, but it’s never been so OBVIOUS that yeah – I have NO IDEA and NO CONTROL. GAH! Despite that, life goes on…

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