van. gone

Another casualty of the 2020 coronavirus has been the work vanpool. It was suspended by our employer on March 16, when the county where we work instituted its Shelter in Place order. At first the van was parked at the home of the vanpool coordinator, but then all four of the vans got brought in and parked at the yard at work.

There was eventually also a “vanpools should be suspended” type notice from the vanpool company, but not until later. Not sure where their corporate is, that area may not have had a SIP order yet, or who knows.

Anyway, now, after a couple months of the vans just sitting there, the company is going to be taking them back. Or our employer is sending them back? Maybe tired of paying while they are not being used? I wonder what the vanpool company is going to do with them. And when we’ll be able to vanpool again…

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1 Response to van. gone

  1. judigoldberg says:

    Again or anew or the next verse or fewer folks to van or pool

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