2018 Colombia – Day 10

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So I meant to get through all the posts about our Colombia trip before heading off on the next International Adventure – you would think fourteen months would be enough time for that – but, yeah. Think again. Anyhoo, I guess before I get too far into those write-ups I’ll wrap this up. Although I thought I’d jotted (in electronic form – would that still be jotting?) down some notes about the last couple days of the trip, but again, not so much.

Regardless, I do remember that I made it through a full night in a hammock for the first time ever! Achievement Unlocked! Although I can’t say it was a full night’s sleep, at least I didn’t fall out. And, while the idea of sleeping in a hammock sounded pretty cool, let’s just say I haven’t rushed out to do it again. It certainly me realize that I do not keep perfectly still all night. Changing – well, trying to change – positions in a hammock is very different than when you are in a bed. Also, you are more affected by the ambient temperature, since you are surrounded by air. Surprisingly, it actually got a bit chilly! I was glad for long sleeve top and pants and a kikoi to wrap myself in. In fact, the whole time we were in the Amazon it was cooler than I had expected – not that I am complaining. But it did seem a little odd to be wearing long sleeves and pants in the rain forest!

Speaking of rain forest, that was our activity for the day – a walk in the jungle. Hmn… are those terms interchangeable? Whatever, we went out walking in the trees and vines and plants and mud and bugs and exuberant life surrounding Habitat Sur. So. Much. Green. I’m glad there was a path and people to follow, it seemed like it would have been very easy to have gotten lost and never be seen again.

After a tasty meal we were back on the bus, and to the airport, and then on the plane to Bogota. And just like that, back in the city. We were in the same hotel, and what could have been the same room, except it was a different number, and the mirror image of what we’d had previously.

There were some rumblings of getting a group together for dinner, but Eric and I struck out on our own. It turned out there were a lot of possibilities within walking distance of the hotel – of course you find allthethings on the last night – we went to the Sandwich Workshop Angela had recommended. Super duper yummy. But no alcohol because the Presidential Election.

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June 17, 2018

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