Calgary Tower

At 191 m (627 ft), the Calgary Tower is not the tallest building in Calgary – one list I saw has it at #6 – but, as a free standing observation tower it has a distinctive appearance on the skyline. Construction began in February of Canada’s Centennial, 1967, and completed in June, 1968. It was originally called the Husky Tower, after one of the developers, but the name was changed to the Calgary Tower in 1971.

When I was in Calgary previously (twelve-ish years ago), I went up in the tower and got to see the view, including looking down through the glass floor! This time the elevators were undergoing repair work, so I was not able to go up. But, we were staying in town, so I got to see the tower under different light at a variety of times of day, which was pretty cool. Since my previous visit they have installed exterior LED lighting, which is used for light shows to celebrate various events and causes.

more pictures

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