Sweet Tooth Ice Cream

thegoogles again… I’d looked at the map to see how to get to the personal hot pot restaurant, and seen that there was ICE CREAM nearby. Sweet Tooth Ice Cream turned out to be the rolled ice cream thing, which I’d never had before, so that was fun. The base gets poured on what must be a very cold plate (don’t lick that!), sprinkled with the mix-ins, and worked around with what looked like large putty knives until it’s all mixed up and frozen. It then gets rolled up and cut into sections to fit in the bowl. Once in the bowl it is decorated with whatever toppings you’ve chosen.

It was a little Instagram/gimmicky, but entertaining and worth checking out at least once. You could completely design your own ice cream experience, but there were numerous combinations already to choose from, and I had a hard enough time just picking from those. In the end I decided to go with the Birthday Cake, because … rainbow sprinkles. It was pretty silly, and I was pretty full already from the hot pot dinner, but I still enjoyed it.

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