Mari Bakeshop

There was another bakery close to our hotel in Calgary – well actually there was also a Tim Horton’s right next door (does that count as a bakery?) but I never went in – which I happened to see on the way to (or maybe it was from) Sidewalk Citizen. The Mari Bakeshop had later opening hours, so we went in one day after work.

At the time we were there it was an oddly diverse yet specific selection, both bread and sweets, but only a couple types of each. They had a poppy seed baguette, which neither of us had ever come across before, so we had to get one of those, and I also got a small loaf of their regular bread. Both were well made and tasty.

Then we each got a roll cake – those delectable combinations of creamy filling and light fluffy sponge cake. Yum! But the thing I would go back for (that I almost didn’t get one of) was the CHOUX! So délicieux. So very very délicieux. A golden pastry shell that was light and slightly crispy (but not crunchy) and a whisper of chewiness (but not bad chewy like calamari or anything) yet melt in the mouth feel – filled with flavored cream. I chose the vanilla, which was absolutely divine.

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