Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

Again, I noticed on thegoogles map that there was a bakery nearby, with the intriguing name of Sidewalk Citizen. They closed before we got back in the evenings, but opened before we left. Well, opened in a loose definition of the word. The doors were unlocked, and people were there behind the counter, but the first time I went in there was pretty much nothing in the display case. Uh… does “hours” mean something else in Canadian?

But, it turned out they did have some things baked and available to purchase, just not up in the case yet. I got a sweet scone, which was nice, and decided to try again, on another day and a bit later. I actually went back five more times. Eric and I went on the weekend and got breakfast sandwiches, and sweet and savo(u)ry treats to fuel our excursions. Over the week we also had a couple of different types of bread. All super yummy.

Then there were the croissants. Sourdough croissants. A. MAY. ZING!!! The plain was fantastic, and then the ham and cheese was fantastic-er, and then on the last day… I asked if croissants were up yet, and the counter person said no. Hmnpft. But then he listed what WAS available, and the last thing he said was, “almond croissant.” I bit my tongue on “how is that not a croissant?” but he must have thought I was asking for plain when he said no, and I was very glad he told me about the almond. SO. VERY. GLAD. It was perfect temperature fresh warm from the oven and the most fantastic-est flavor. As I devoured it, it zoomed onto my short list of transcendent food experiences.

(Funny, I didn’t take many pictures of the baked goods themselves. Too busy eating, I guess. But I did like that their bags have literary quotes on them, and took pictures of those!)

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