Village Ice Cream

It’s fun to look for ice cream when travelling – OK, OK, it’s always fun to look for ice cream – but I seem to make a bit more of a point of it when I’m in a new place since it gets me out exploring. Although in this case it was only a couple of blocks from the hotel where I was staying in downtown Calgary, Alberta (Canadia). I had seen Village Ice Cream on the map, and then one of the folks we were working with mentioned it too, so I figured I’d better go check it out.

The shop was actually tucked away a bit in a cul-de-sac, I could have walked right by and not have even known it was there! So, good thing I was looking for it! The inside was a sleek modern Instagram-able (if one does such things) space. There were about a dozen flavors, with a few being seasonal (changing on an I’m not sure how often basis) and the rest being ongoing standards.

I went with the Huckleberry, and Eric chose Earl Grey. I can take or leave Earl Grey depending on my mood, but the taste I had was good. For a whole cone’s worth of ice cream though I was VERY happy with the Huckleberry. Berry creamy yummy goodness! One of these days I’ll have to get somewhere that I can have actual huckleberries off a huckleberry bush rather than just as an ice cream flavor. Not that I’m complaining about that, but yeah. The waffle cone was very tasty as well, and I’d imagine it would all be yummy even when it’s cold and snowy out, but (darn) I didn’t get the chance to test that theory.

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