2018 Colombia – Day 9

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The AC had actually turned out to be good white noise – I had another sound sleep and woke up rested, before the alarm. So much sleeps on this trip!

We went downstairs for breakfast – included. Huh, seems to be a thing. Although here was buffet “only”. It included additionals and some other fun translations (of course WAY better than my Spanish would be) and two more juices for Dan’s list. He was keeping track – I forget now how many it ended up to be, but definitely into the double digits. I was a little surprised to see some Japanese tourists, but I did not try talking to them.

From the hotel we took a bus, seeing more of the town and WHOA a big military base. After a bit we stopped in what felt like someone’s front yard and walked down to the boats. From the landing we went one direction on the river, then turned around and went back, past the landing, through a banyan tree, onto big lake like area and then to the boat house. Or house boat? Although I don’t think anyone lived there, or that it moved around. Good sized floating structure.

It was nice being on the water, but there should have had talking boat and non-talking boat. Anyhoo.

Swimming had been on the agenda, so, although it was overcast I had put on my swimsuit. But yeah, it was not so much swimming weather – although I didn’t actually try the water.

There had been a variety of birds, including some big things on the boat house that I didn’t identify when we landed. And speaking of flying things, although it felt pretty remote, we could occasionally hear planes from the airport.

Our host had traveled the Amazon in a single person bicycle powered boat, and was developing a larger, multi-passenger two-person powered version bici bote. They were still working out some details, and the first trip didn’t do so well against the wind and current. But on the on second run they got towed out, which went much better. Most people went on the boat so it was nice and quiet. Those of us left enjoyed hanging out, reading and/or napping and drinking beer.

After the bici bote returned lunch arrived – by another boat – BBQ fish and chicken, rice and beans, and more beer. Yum. There was still no swimming, so some of us went on Plan B to see the lily pads at a reserve? preserve? resort? down the way. Then it was back to town, which was actually very close. Once we were back on land some people were off to the airport, the rest of us to Habitat Sur.

Habitat Sur would maybe be called an eco-tourism resort? But I don’t think it’s just a place for foreigners to stay. Our host talked about preserving the local natural resources and ecological education. He said that 90% of people in Leticia have never been outside the two square km of town, and that lack of knowledge about what the river and jungle contains is a factor in its destruction.

There was a sweet outdoor dining/gathering area and then sleeping accomodations scattered around the property. Several little cabins, and then a tree house!!! After a bit of wandering around to get the lay of the land there was more hanging out and reading. It seemed like every time I looked around I saw something new.

Being off the water, it was rather humid. Fortunately it was not crazy hot, but it did feel more jungly that it had yet. There was a yummy dinner, and then bedtime. Er hammocktime. With a mosquito net! That was a new experience!!!

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June 16, 2018

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