Waiola Shave Ice

Another food to eat box I must check when in Hawaii is shave ice. Which, I know you want to say should probably be shaved ice, but we’re not going to go there. And this is NOT your American fair nasty old sno-cone. Sure it’s also just ice and flavored syrup (well, more on that later), but shave ice is cloud like melt in your mouth lusciousness, not little icey pellets.

We didn’t make it to the OG – Matsumoto, but did find Waiola Shave Ice – which(!) turned out to be just a couple blocks from Leonard’s Bakery, how about that for axis of deliciousness?! They had a wide variety of flavors, classic and modern, and add-ins and toppings. There was a flow chart to follow for how to order. I went deluxe, adding adzuki (red bean) and vanilla ice cream, and the classic POG (passion-orange-guava) flavor. In addition to the yummy shave ice, there is a little shop with snacks and trinkets, and historical memorabilia that was fun to look at.

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