Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery

We were on our way to Bread, but were walking, and when the Universe puts a combination Bakeshop AND Creamery in your path, you go in. Or at least I do. And was glad that I did. There were all sorts of yummy looking baked treats, and malasadas, and a bunch of great ice cream flavors. OHAND wait, what?! Malamode! Malasadas with ice cream inside. Why did I not think of that?! So obvious once I heard it. And apparently it’s a Thing now – my aunt mentioned she saw them at another place down at Ala Moana Center.

Alas it was not to be. First, not all the ice cream flavors are available as malamodes, and then, we were too early – they are only available certain hours. Not sure why either of those things is the case, we ended up making our own – that is, ordering a malasada and some ice cream and eating them together. It all ends up in the same place…

Anyway, it was super tasty, and the place is super cute, and they have a great logo and mascots (which we did not see in person, but there are pictures in the shop.) The Universe definitely knew what it was doing when it lead us here!

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