East Wind Bakery

Another one of Those Places that I wanted to check out, but it closes before I’m back during the week, and one thing and another on weekends only just got to the East Wind Bakery recently. Wait, it’s been over three years since I first heard about it?! Anyhoo… It’s in a newish live-work development that doesn’t quite seem like a neighborhood, although many of the people who came in while we were there did seem to be regulars.

There was SO MUCH to choose from, and it all looked good, but I had to get a baonut (yes, donutized (deep-fried) bao) – pretty sure that’s not something I’m going to get just anywhere. Even that was a difficult choice, but I went with the Peanut Butter Maple Bacon. Super tasty. There were also savory choices, like Pork Belly Kimchi, and cross-cultural mash-ups like a Churro Bao. The croissants were a likewise variety of sweets and savories – we tried the Walnut Pear Goat Cheese and the Spam – both delicious. I was somewhat surprised to see mochi! And blue mochi at that! Bonus! Which was filled with ube (purple yam). There was pink mochi that was filled with red bean. Both of those were quite tasty as well.

I’m glad I finally made it, although it probably is just as well it doesn’t have more convenient to me hours! That you are what you eat thing, I’d be a baonut! That is to say – definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

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