Shone Farm CSA

Sadly – for me anyway – First Light Farm, my previous source of Veggie Box of Awesome, had a change of ownership and reorganization which included consolidating their delivery area. Which I can totally understand, both from an economic point of view and being more local/reducing the carbon footprint. Fortunately, the woman who let me know I was now outside the delivery area suggested I try the Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm CSA. Ding ding ding! Tell her what she wins

I decided to take the plunge and signed up for the whole season, and I’ve been super happy. The produce is super high quality and amazingly tasty, and it’s not just Veggies! There has also been a variety of fruit, including berries, apples, Asian and European pears, and watermelon. Perhaps due to the size and longevity of the farm, and the educational programs run there, there also is a larger variety in the fresh veggies, and some “beyond” items like dried beans and wheat berries.

In addition, there is a great e-newsletter, that has information about what’s in the week’s box, with general usage tips and how to store items – which has been super informative and helpful – along with specific recipes. I haven’t made it yet, but they also have events at the Farm, where you can U-Pick, and buy other items such as olive oil and wine.

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