Meadowlark Dairy

Dairy? In Pleasanton?! (With apologies to Berkeley Farms) but yeah, milk has to come from somewhere, right? Although, as far as I could tell the only cows at Meadowlark Dairy were the ones painted on the wall.

Anyway, I think they do sell milk, and other dairy and even some non-dairy groceries, but, like me, everyone I saw was there for the soft serve. There was a drive through – which I did not utilize – and a walk-up line, which I did. There were posts and cables for a waiting-for-a-ride-at-Disneyland line maze, but fortunately it was not necessary. There were a few people in a just straight-up line, and the high school kids working there kept things moving pretty well, both for us and for the folks is their combustotrons. (Although, and must be a Health Department thing – there seemed to be (at least) two trips per customer – one to take order and come back with it, and a second to take care of payment. Anyway, I had soft serve to eat while she was going to get my change so I wasn’t going to complain.)

There were five flavors on the menu, and when I asked how many you could get on a single cone, the server said, “All!” which was surprising and somewhat tempting, but I did not test that. I was thinking that the orange and vanilla would be like a 50-50 bar, which sounded good, but then pineapple seemed like the special/limited time flavor – or at least it’s one I don’t see too often, so I went with pineapple and vanilla. Which must have been in different machines, as it came out as alternating blops. They were smooth and tasty, not like Tahitian vanilla and fresh pineapple, but you could definitely tell what they were supposed to be. Nothing fancy, but solid, straight up soft serve – a nice cold treat on a hot day for a not fancy price. And yes, I did go back (not the same day, what do you think I am?!) for the orange and vanilla, which came out as swirl, and yes, was like a 50-50!

I wouldn’t say worth a special trip, or waiting in a long line – although I got the feeling there might be regulars who would disagree with me on that – and it does have a low-key nostalgia vibe, not so yupscale as much of the rest of downtown has become, and is a local, single location place, which is nice to support – so yeah, if you happen to be there and are in the mood for a sweet frozen treat, and don’t have to wait long, I’d say get a cone!

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