IONTW – May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day – to all those who fill this role, whether biological, or by circumstance, and to those who mother themselves.

Project inspired by her mother – the stories of war brides (WWII) from Japan.

Very cool Mississippi River map. And Medieval manuscript repair.

How did I miss the crispy egg thing? Oh, maybe that rock I live under? Somehow this recipe went by, and I got around to making it relatively soon after I saw it, and was feeling all awesome about that, then noticed it was from 2015. whatevs. Anyhoo. It was tasty, but seemed like a lot of ingredients and steps, although part of that was probably just since it was the first time and I kept having to look at the recipe, nothing in it is really THAT complicated – but I did think – oh, just do the egg and have it on rice with nori and/or furikake and/or some tsukemono or kimchi!

Gardening with Christopher Walken!

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