IONTW – April 22, 2018

I’ve seen cards on the drying racks at the shop over the last year(!) – Lyn prints during the day – which has been pretty cool – but it’s SUPER cool to see the entire project finished. 40 Cards to Look At, by Lyn Dillin

Kristen Meyer’s geometric flat lays. (Which, I’m not sure what exactly that means, but not sure I could come up with a better word for her work.)

University of Washington’s Book Arts and Rare Book Collection!!! Field trip, anyone?

Whoops! A little late to the party – this past week (third week of April) was California Native Plant Week. Well, there’s still a little time left today to celebrate…

Next weekend, April 28:
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art new exhibit, Ship of Dreams: Artists, Poets and Visionaries of the S.S. Vallejo, opens, along with readings from two books, The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, and Varda.

Also Independent Bookstore Day this year (last Saturday in April.) Celebrate early and often with some love for your local independent bookseller!

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