IONTW – February 25, 2018

Artist Iman Joy El Shami-Mader is on a mission to illustrate all the world’s mythical beasts!

Who knew paper could do that? Origami tessellations and kusudamas! Then a round-up of paper folding books by Helen Hiebert.

New letterpress booklet of Adrienne Rich’s “Permeable Membrane” by St Brigid Press.

Woodworking has always fascinated me – perhaps in my next life. Anyway, somehow on the intarwebs I came across Lost Art Press – and was of course intrigued by the name. Turns out the Lost Art they are referring to are the hand-tool skills for a woodworker.

Founded in 2007, Lost Art Press is a small Midwestern publishing company that seeks to help the modern woodworker learn traditional hand-tool skills. Since World War II, traditional and effective hand skills have disappeared from the home, professional and school woodshops in North America.

Those quickly disappearing hand skills have been replaced by a reliance on machine work, even when it is less effective, slower or sloppier. The founders of Lost Art Press – Christopher Schwarz and John Hoffman – are trying to restore the balance between hand and machine work by unearthing the so-called “lost arts” of hand skills and explaining how they can be integrated with the machinery in the modern shop to help produce furniture that is crisp, well-proportioned, stout and quickly made.

Ely, another SFRian, also got a bike painted at Color Wheel! The video of him picking it up totally wins the internets!!!

The fantastic King’s Nursery is having an event March 10.

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