New (Bike) Paint Day!

Well, not today, I actually picked it up from Color Wheel on January 1, which, now that I think about it, was a darn good way to start off the year! Thinking further back, it was around the same time of year that I first got the bike. Volagi had a Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2012, but pick up was either the very end of the year or maybe the start of 2013. Anyway, the company was in Cotati at the time, so I got to go by and see the color schemes in person and try out a couple different sizes. I’d been thinking I’d go with the red and black, but after seeing them I chose the cream and black, which I think ended up being the most popular.

Although the Viaje was billed as an Adventure/Gravel bike, and I’d gotten it with an eye for mixed terrain events, I ended up riding it on all my road rides too. So there had been a fair number of miles put on it, and not all of them nice ones. The frame had picked up a few wear spots in the paint, and some gunk that I wasn’t able to clean off. Not that I’m that much into appearances, but there was also kicking around in my head that I’d heard somewhere it isn’t a bad idea to fully disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble your bicycle every now and again.

Then Color Wheel popped up on my radar, and one of the things they do is paint and rebuild, and plate-o-shrimp! Omar, one of the owners, had been mechanic at Volagi when I got my Viaje. The Universe Had Spoken!!! I checked out the paint colors online, and pretty much decided on the yellow, but he suggested stopping by their shop to see in person. I was briefly distracted by a couple different oranges, but, in the end, went with the original choice of yellow.

Which is so. good! It still sorta surprises me sometimes – HEY WHOA MY BIKE IS YELLOW!!! – in a good way! Also, something being a single color, rather than the two-tone, seems to make it look like a different bike, maybe it makes the curves more obvious, I’m not quite sure. I did lose the branding, but I’m fine with being stealth. Although someone did say bright yellow isn’t really stealth. Anyway, I’m super pleased with the result. It looks great and runs like new! WOOHOO!!!

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2 Responses to New (Bike) Paint Day!

  1. Anthony says:

    Your bike looks sweet.

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