IONTW – February 4, 2018

well, now that we’re in to February with that New Year thing, how about some goals? (artistic – that you can set AND achieve!) As I’m ongoingly (pretending to) deal with allthepiles, Number 5 really hit a spot for me. I’m also thinking of it in terms of the stacks of yet-to-be-read books I have – maybe work on reading some of those before (OK, in addition to) getting more, even if it’s getting (borrowing) from the library.

and speaking of FeBREWary, come check out allthebeers in Santa Rosa!


Another use for cookies, er, biscuits. I’m doing research! Really!!!

How things are made always fascinates me. Would have loved to go along with David on his visit to the All-Clad Factory!

Last year I couldn’t resist some prints from Myrna Keliher at Expedition Press. She sent a nice New Year’s/Thank You postcard (below), a thoughtful gesture I don’t think I’ve ever gotten before. (Note to self) It didn’t seem like I’d bought much so it was an aww… wow, cool! moment and of course did get me to click over and check out her website again the next time I was on the computer.

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