IONTW – January 14, 2018

Spent some time on foot where I’d only ever ridden my bike. The same and yet different. Indeed, the unexpected is sometimes an ordinary thing in a different state or looked at or used in a different way… slurpee waves, data visualization of a symphony, music with a bike.

A book village! Which, actually isn’t that far from Cooperstown, where we were a few summers ago for WCN’s baseball camp, oh well. And, another beautiful library.

Wow! Letterpress cuts for movie ads!

As if I need more things to torture in the Darwin Garden… but I couldn’t help ordering some things from Kitazawa Seed Co. Articles about them: The World’s Best Seeds? and Kitazawa Seed connects cultures, traditional foods

Coho at the Inkwells in Lagunitas Creek!

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