Flying Circus!

It may have been that last year’s Journey to the Moon set the bar pretty high, or that I was having different sorts of circus-y decor expectations, but I was a tad underwhelmed at first by Castle in the Air‘s Great Transformation this year – Flying Circus. But then I noticed the giant giraffe with a top hat and mistletoe, which definitely turned things around. As I wandered around I found that indeed there were plenty of circus themed items, along with lots of holiday decorations, knick-knacks and gee-gaws. Somehow they manage to have what seems to be pretty much the usual inventory of inks, pens, crepe paper, rubber stamps and craft supplies as well. So much to look at! And this year, besides the patch (which I preferred the colors on, but I’m not a patch person) and pin, they had a sticker to commemorate the Transformation. Anyway, despite the initial – not disappointment, that’s too strong – just not as HUGEWOW as last year – it was worth seeing to and I’m glad I went to check it out. Pop in if you happen to be in the area!

more pictures

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