IONTW – November 12, 2017


Things organized neatly.

How ordinary becomes extraordinary by consistency over time – Hisoko Koyama’s forty plus years of observing and documenting sunspots.

Minneapolis on the radar from a Bay Area friend moving there, and then another friend’s son just going away to college there. Looks like there’s lots of cool stuffs to do!

This may be a repeat, but totally worthy – ancient trees and starry skies.

More cowbell!

If you’ve ever thought that XP wallpaper looked familiar…

Photographer Will Chub has made his beautiful image of the Round Barn available for download for personal use.

Brooke Holve’s new website! Brooke, along with Tiana Krahn, Lyn Dillin and Tami Lovett-Brumfield, are now on display in the NBLA gallery.

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