Love Letters to Santa Rosa

This was the event that finally got me over to the barracks – it had already been planned as the culmination of several other activities around the concept of Santa Rosa as place and home – but in the wake of the fires it took on another layer of meaning. Ash was a letterpress shop mate for a while, so it was great to see her and the collaborative community art space she and her co-creators have manifested at Womb Space.

The event began with an Aztec prayer and dancing. In the prayer, the group faced the four directions in turn: East (male), West (female), North (ancestors) and South (descendants/children). After the dancing, the group processed through the building, blessing the space, ending in the Womb Space. Attendees were invited to share their thoughts – an artist from the other building asked if the group would be processing through there as well. Apparently they hadn’t planned on it, but, after the expression of interest, did!

There were letters and drawings that had been completed at previous sessions, and a love letter station for creating that day. A mandala and mural had been started, and materials were provided for people to add to them. It was a wonderful sharing experience that all seemed to enjoy. Thank you Ash, Chris and all the others who made this possible!

more pictures

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