the barracks

I’d heard something about art studios at “the barracks”, but, the usual one thing and another, never gotten there. So many things to see and do! Anyhow, made it there over this past weekend, when there were open studios at both The Studio Santa Rosa (Building 32), and 33 Arts (Building 33, oddly enough.) The Studio started in 1985, 33 Arts in 2015. It seems like a lively community with a diverse array of artists.

I didn’t look around to see if there was anything else left from the former naval airfield, but the Google Satellite View shows that parts of the two runways are still there! The field was built during WWII as an auxiliary site to Alameda’s naval base. It also saw some use during the Korean war but was abandoned in the early 1950s. It reopened in 1966-67 as the local airport, Santa Rosa Air Center, which closed in 1991.

Not only did I check a place I’ve been meaning to get to off the list and get to see art, but I learned some new to me local history! How cool is that?!

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