The Book Loft

Totally unexpected – since I hadn’t done any research, and what we had come across so far were bakeries and tourist knick knacks at various price point retail shops – to find the fantastic Book Loft in Solvang! They’ve been in business since 1970, so obviously I’m not not only one who thinks that. Not that I need any more books, but even if I don’t buy anything I still enjoy a good book store. The Book Loft has both new and used, with the used selection upstairs. It felt like it had been someone’s house – someone who really really liked books, which was just lovely – and the store was further endeared to me when I saw a printing press upstairs. After wandering through the used books I found myself in the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, which was another random treat. I found out that besides being an author he was also a cut paper artist! Back on the ground floor there was also a cafe. All very sweet, and the people in the bookstore were very pleasant and helpful. And yes, I did find a book I couldn’t leave without. And some cards. Funny, I didn’t take many pictures, so you’ll have to look at their website – or just go check it out in person!

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