McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

I didn’t have to ask thegoogles about ice cream in Santa Barbara, my sister already had McConnell’s on the schedule, although a friend of hers had said, “you can get that in the store…” I agreed with Joyce that it would be fun to get some at the source. And we were not the only ones! The store was busy, but not unpleasantly so – at least we did not have to wait long to get our scoops. Lots of tasty sounding flavors on the board, and I could have spent a while reading the descriptions and looking at the flavors in the case, but the Eureka Lemon with Marionberry had sounded just right, and I didn’t want to be That Guy taking forever to decide. Out of curiosity I did try the Churro con Leche, which was sweet cinnamony caramely yummy, but somehow I wasn’t in the mood for a whole scoop of it. You can have two flavors even in the single size, but I didn’t think it would go so much with Lemon. I chose Blueberries and Cream for the second flavor, which was nice, but suffered by comparison with the Lemon, which was super lemony, and nicely tart, and the berry swirl was a good flavor accent and balance to the tartness. It’s great to have the option for two flavors, but in retrospect I should have just stuck with the one that first grabbed my attention. Anyway, the store is super cute, definitely worth a visit!

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