Green Blade Bakery

On our recent Amtrak trip from Oakland, CA to Eugene, OR, there was a not-regularly scheduled hour plus layover in Klamath Falls due to track work. They did let us know about it once we were on the train, so Eric was able to look on the intarwebs and find a promising looking bakery within walking distance of the train station. Once we were stopped I overheard another passenger asking one of the conductors if he knew of any stores or restaurants close by, but he didn’t – only ever passed through, and even when they did stop for longer he had to stay by the train.

kt, who I’d missed the night before – she’d boarded the train at Martinez, a later stop – and Jon joined Eric and I on the foray. It was unexpectedly brisk out, although not unpleasant in the sun. We passed by the Klamath County Museum, and a few other buildings, although there did not seem to be much going on, and I never got any particular “town”-ish or shopping area feeling. Then again, I wasn’t really interested in anything other than the bakery, so that was neither here nor there.

The window writing on the Green Blade Bakery promised Artisan Breads, French Pastries, Espresso and Coffee. And they certainly delivered! There was a rack loaded with a variety of breads – oat bran butter, native sourdough, whole wheat and several others, all super tasty looking. I couldn’t resist a bag of the sourdough rolls.

Then there was the bakery case, again, chock full of alltheyummylookingthings! I actually ended up getting bread pudding, of all things. Eric got a sticky bun that he shared and another pastry – I’m forgetting now if it was with chocolate or jam. We also got sammiches for later. It all really hit the spot!

We enjoyed our pastries and coffees in the welcome warmth of the bakery. They have a cozy back room with tables, chairs and sofas that feels a bit like a basement, since there are pretty much no windows. Other than us, it seemed everyone was a local/regular – I overheard snippets of familiar conversation and there was a card game going at the middle table. It was a nice feel.

Defintely worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in Klamath Falls!

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4 Responses to Green Blade Bakery

  1. Jean says:

    Green Blade Bakery is the BEST bakery anywhere!

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