Another measure of the magnitude of the recent fires in Sonoma County is this community compiled list of agencies that have provided assistance. Each time I’ve looked it’s gotten longer, this morning it was at 584.

(a moment for that to sink in)

Sure. It’s their job. But it’s a hard one under the best of circumstances. And these were far from that. Long, physically and emotionally demanding shifts, while – in many cases – far from home, family and friends.

Many artists and designers are reacting to the events with works to benefit those affected by the fires, reflecting the themes of resilience, love and strength. As one in an area that was protected by the hard work of so many people, the theme of gratitude is particularly resonant for me.

And there’s that childhood training of sending thank you cards that I will never escape. Which, now I can print my own cards to boot!

Of course my first inclination was something with wood type, at least a visual layer – but no time for that – this was a one morning turn to have something available at an afternoon event, so… well, there’s all those cuts that I look at every now and again and think “oh there’s some wonderful stuff I should do something with some of that” but that’s as far as I get. So.

Ugh, some media were calling them the “Wine Country Fires” like that’s all that’s going on up here, but OK fine that is something Sonoma County is known for. So, a grapevine. And a redwood tree. And a rose – for Santa Rosa. Literal, I know. But sometimes that’s how you have to roll

And simple metal type – Garamond.
(argh someone put some ms in the w spot…)
for your assistance during the 2017 fires

All in all it set up pretty easily, and the space filled in nicely, although not without the last bit of persnickety futzing and then the tree wasn’t inking up evenly and needed a bit of finessing but then away it went on the C&P – how I love that press!

Redwood Credit Union Fire Relief Fund, Go Fund a Hero campaign for local firefighters who have lost their homes

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