IONTW – October 22, 2017

One thing and another there’s a goodly bit of (non-time sensitive) stuffs I haven’t gotten around to sharing and probably won’t today either, but I at least wanted to let you know so you can go TODAY!!! Two superb human beans who are also two of my mostest favoritest word wranglers:

riffs, speels, poems & diatribes

Despite the fire, Sunday October 22 a rare & endangered species of writing will come to life at the Iota Printshop in Sebastopol. For 8 years now judi goldberg & Eric Johnson have been bouncing words off each other (& the wall) while setting type, making books, & coining mischief. You may call it a poetry reading or a spoken word performance or an early hurrah, but do come calling at 2:00 that afternoon or you’ll be sorry.

Duet solo sonnet screed
more poetry than prose we’ll read

for an hour or so
words hot, or once hot
off the press

eric johnson of iota press
judi goldberg of

Sunday October 22 …2:00pm *THAT’S TODAY!!!*

Iota Printshop
925D Gravenstein Hwy. S.

Afterward I’ll have a gratitude card set up for folks to print to send to any of the agencies on this big ole list, or any business or individual that helped in the fire effort and you would like to recognize. Also have the donation bucket out for the fire relief fund.

Hope to see you there!

You know what they say about reading the comments… well, apparently you can learn about ART!

More alternatives to resting bitch face.

What it means to be awesome.

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