IONTW – August 6, 2017

It’s better with butter! Even sculpture.

More random foodstuffs – Hello Kitty!

Mixing different eras on a map. And speaking of time, and maps – optimizing a road trip to all the US National Parks!

More mixing – vintage cameras, made of … paper! And who knew office supplies could set the scene?

How to convert from a Deadhead to a Steely Dan fan.

“But most often he would call from his place in Kentucky, on a cold, still night, when one could hear the stars breathing. Just a late-night phone call out of a blue, as startling as a canvas by Yves Klein; a blue to get lost in, a blue that might lead anywhere.” … “But mostly we talked about writers and their books. … “Gogol was Ukrainian,” he once said, seemingly out of nowhere. Only not just any nowhere, but a sliver of a many-faceted nowhere that, when lifted in a certain light, became a somewhere.” – from an exquisite tribute to Sam Shepard by Patti Smith.

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