Cody Library

The Cody Library was welcoming and inviting on a sunny summer day – I can imagine it would be quite a haven on a wintry one. Assuming you could get there, of course! It’s located on the first floor of a former corporate office building that now, in addition to the library, houses other educational facilities and government agencies on the upper floors. The decor is modern but not stark, and pays homage to the outdoors and frontier heritage of the area without being over the top hunting lodge or western saloon recreation. There are dedicated kids’ and teen rooms, various sizes of meeting rooms and a cafe. Banks of large windows let in copious natural light, giving it a bright and spacious feel. There is a variety of fun art pieces.

I didn’t look into the collection, so I can’t speak to the size or contents, but the stacks were tidy looking and seemed easily accessible. The librarians seemed friendly and helpful, and when I complimented one on what a nice space it was she enthusiastically agreed. “We used to be downtown – it was small and dark and there was no parking. This is much better!” I could see spending time there, and I was glad to see a good number of others felt the same way and were taking advantage of the library’s services. Yay libraries!!!

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