IONTW – July 30, 2017

I finally got to the top of the list for a copy of The Hidden Life of Trees from the library and am having a hard time not polishing it off in one sitting. Fascinating!

So much to learn from nature, including how to find your way.

Another good listen from Michael Pollan – Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education – which combines his experiences in various gardens, including his own, and musings on garden as a noun and verb. Tangential plate of shrimp – American landscape design and the link between architecture and skateboarding.

Which reminds me – if I haven’t mentioned it before – or even if I have, worth another mention as it sounds super cool – Skateistan! It’s an international non-profit organization that provides programs combining skateboarding and education to children and youth aged 5-17 in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The programs particularly encourage girls and those from low-income backgrounds.

One man’s trash (OK, probably more than one, but yeah, we first worlders do make a lot of it) is another man’s sculpture.

Not just awesome bread, but a great story.

Baroque music at the printshop! Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

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