IONTW – July 23, 2017

For consideration in the “would you rather be a zebra or giraffe?” question – we have stripes! The swirl of cells as we grow is a really amazing thing to try to visualize.

And then there’s practical visualization you might call it – building models for testing things you can’t – or don’t really want to – on the real thing, like the Oroville Dam.

Rubik’s cubes are back. (Or maybe I missed that they never went away.) I never solved it when they came out back in the day – these people are not only solving them, but doing it FAST. And what looks to be a fun read on the speed phenomenon. (h/t to WCN – who also helped me through a solve!)

Are we getting to the point of too many emojis? Tangential point in the article, but the variety in implementations intrigued me.

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts – A Water Tower Turned Music Venue in Colorado.

Lael Wilcox on riding solo. “I can’t help it: I am insatiably curious, and I crave miles. When I look at a map, which I do often, I get inspired; I want to see everything it contains firsthand. And not only do I want to see it, but I also want to propel myself through that landscape. I want to be there. I want to trace my wheels over the topo lines.”

“If it’s not the serial killers than it’s the bears. If it’s not the bears than it’s the weather. There are just too many fears to keep track of.

It’s easier to stop fearing them.”

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