O G(reen)

roygbiv Roygbiv ROYgbiv roygBIV royGbiv what, what the?! I DID TWO LAYERS NO ONE TOLD ME I FORGOT THE GREEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!! O. G. Really? Yes. Really.

well I suppose I could make an alternate rainbow. or decide I’m not really actually doing a rainbow since I’m not doing seven letters anyhow. and if you look sideways in the right light it’s kind of a greenish blue. right?

gah. which I don’t think I’d done two set-ups of wood type before the 4 letters on the other ones anyway. ha. what are the odds that it was on the one that was the “wrong” color. anyway. can’t leave out the green

so back to it, not trying to repeat what did before, so get into some different types oh that’s fun. and green green green plus a bit of yellow from the i and then transparent base for the first layer. and end up after all of that printing on some of the blue sheets anyway

and then the four os, which yeah not actually that many different ways they can be put together – well it seems different but then if you flip the sheet it ends up being the same so nevermind but still fun

it’s not easy being green…

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