In-House Type Project

The In-House Type project sprang from one of the many early-morning around the table discussions, this one about ways to participate in celebrating Poetry Month and it turned into: a randomly selected Typeface du Jour, using only sorts in the case – no dingbats/cuts/ornaments – as a means of exploring and educating ourselves about the in-house type, and the ways a particular type impacts and extends means of expression.

Size of page was set, both sides fair game, and any color(s) for the ink. Participation voluntary, but as these things seem to go by the end of it we all even those with so much to do and so little time get caught up in it and always neat to see the variety. I used it as an extension of the vowel theme I’ve been working on already, although in retrospect I can also see an argument to be made for using a project such as this to do something totally different from the current stream of work. But focussing on just a few letters really allowed me to enjoy and appreciate their forms.

As others in the shop mentioned, I’m not sure I would have gotten to Goudy on my own, so this project was great to get us all in a drawer that we might not otherwise have sought out. I also learned a bit about Goudy and his designs, and would like to read more – both about him and writings by him.

And, like many projects, there’s the idea of how it will go, and how it ends up going. The original thought for finishing it had been a perfect binding, but one thing and another that didn’t work out, so then the spiral binder came to the rescue – which actually really fits with the idea of this as educational – like a workbook, and it’s nice to be able to open the pages out fully flat.

The In-House Type Project is currently featured in the new display space at the shop. During the summer the printshop will be open on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13, & 20th. North Bay Letterpress Arts, 925D Gravenstein Hwy. South, Sebastopol, CA. Come by and have a look!

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