happy ^ day

there are so many awesome cards out there already, but with access to a print shop I get that feeling of “oh I could (should) make my own” but then an event or occasion will come up and really I only need one (well yeah, if even that – possible tangent on “need”) and the point, one of them anyway, of printing is to make multiples – get back your set-up time by the ability to make many many copies. <insert sound of thinking here> <and here> and… ah! many of these things are some sort of day, right? birth/Mother’s/Father’s (the impending one that got the ball rolling here) … you want them to be Happy, yes? SO! print those bits in the multiple, and then add the which day it is bit as it comes up! Brilliant! (if I do say so myself)

and away I went with the wood type, all one face – oh there’s another idea, mix it up! – and paper and ink like from the postcards, always interesting how one thing feeds to the next – and some different orientations of the type and then also the type to the page and using the Vandercook #2 yes I can put the paper however I want and this time I did actually do some at an angle, imagine that! and then what type of day this particular one is, in metal.

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