IONTW – June 4, 2017

June 8 will be Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday. To mark the occasion, the Marin County Civic Center – designed by Wright and a national and state designated historic landmark – will be having 3 docent led tours. Tours are also offered on a regular basis on Wednesdays.

Interesting sounding exhibit/performance at Kala Gallery: Lyrics, Gestures and Games, exploring interplay among art-making, chance related process, and guidelines generated by everyday activities and gestures. July 7 and 8 composer/pianist Motoko Honda will perform pieces responding to the artwork in the exhibition in collaboration with Lyn Hejinian’s poetry reading.

The googly eyes (which several different folks have pointed me to). and the hair. and, it’s only a bunny rabbit. or is that a hare?

Maps! and GLOBES!!! and maps! WOW!!!

Paper + bicycles!

I came across Dust Bowl Girls in the new books section of the library. It’s the story of the women’s basketball team from a tiny Oklahoma college in the early 1930s. It’s a great read, combining history, sports and the personal stories of the players and coach – who is the author’s great-uncle. The team was honored by the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in 2003 as its first Team of Legend. Although I played basketball in middle school and high school, and we used a smaller ball than the boys did, I had no idea that in the past women had a completely different set of rules. Or that there was a nationwide organization that wanted to prohibit competitive sports for women – the whole “unladylike” thing. And that wasn’t really that long ago.

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