cards in your mailbox

cut to size, which I did pick how to on each sheet, although to keep it simple not as much cherry picking ideal placement as I might have plus needing to end up with a certain number this time I’m pretty sure I printed plenty but that was figuring with the max of three per sheet which of course I didn’t always follow and then time to print the back – or is it the front? and I had a recollection of there being a cut for it but you know how recollections can be then there turned out to be a couple of options and really there is more than One Way so I ended up with a cut and some rule for the address lines – first time I’ve done this, so interesting to “make” something that I’ve seen all my life but only ever used but makes me realize that someone at some point did just make it up and say this is how it goes and it’s gotten adopted and used and indeed so it goes. of course a job for the C&P and then because, you know, printing… and I have everything set up and inked up so I print a bunch of blanks that one thing leads to another.

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