Art in Your Mailbox!

North Bay Letterpress Arts has a quarterly subscription project – community supported letterpress, if you will – which puts letterpress art in your mailbox! Spreading the letterpress love and supporting the shop. Three artists contribute work to each quarter’s packet, and I’m up for the next one going out in June. Which, I probably have something amidst all the stacks of alreadyprintedthings that I could chime in with, but on the other hand it’s also an excuse to print more. As if I need that. But, related to the ongoing fun with vowels – although here I used them all – wood type, layers of transparent. The forme I ended up with didn’t actually fit exactly filling the 8-1/2 x 11 paper, but that ended up making me do parts, which then gave parts with different numbers of layers, which was probably more visually interesting. Then when I got partway through the stack I reoriented some of the letters, for a little more variation.

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